Concrete Block Foundations

Concrete block foundations have been called “hidden gems” for a good reason.

  • Their durability and strength have been well proven.
  • They are straight, plumb and level, ensuring the integrity of the above-grade walls that depend upon them for structural support.
  • Concrete block foundations are dry. The hollow cores in each block prevent sweating in summer and frost build-up in winter.
  • The modular components readily allow for future design changes.

Greystone ensures the strength of your foundation system through this sequence of events:

Footings: the solid cement base on which your foundation block walls sit

  • The footprint of the foundation is staked out.
  • The excavation depth is verified.
  • All measurements are checked and double checked to ensure levelness and plumb.
  • Digging and forming are completed.
  • Drain tile chases are placed, if required.
  • Re-bar is positioned, if required.
  • Concrete is poured.

Blockwork: the below-grade structural support for your above-grade wall systems

  • The layout of the structure is completed; block installation begins.
  • At the seventh or eighth course, heights, levels and right angles are doubled checked.
  • All exterior walls are struck flush and tooled on both the outside and inside.
  • All 12″ and 8″ blocks on the top course are sealed.
  • Core pours are placed in block voids. Spacing depends on soil weight conditions as well as wall height. (Light, sandy soils require less frequent spacing; heavy clay soils require closely spaced cores. The taller the wall, the closer the walls must be spaced.)
  • Anchor bolts or straps fasten wood framing to the foundation. These are set in block cores and block webs with mortar.
  • The foundation system goes though a final check for level and squareness.

Mortar: The mortar used between all block joints is a mixture of lime, Portland Cement, sand and water. This Mixture results in strengths from 1800 to over 2200 PSI.

Warranty: The structure of the walls is warranted for 10 years.

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