Exterior Concrete Flat Work

Here are the steps Greystone follows to ensure the success of your project:

Steps, Sidewalks, & Patios

  • Steps, sidewalks and patios are poured with a 4000 PSI concrete mix containing fiber mesh, 6% air and dolomite aggregate.
  • Sidewalks and patios are reinforced with re-bar and fibermesh.
  • Control joints and expansion joints are place where necessary.
  • All steps, sidewalks and patios are hand finished then brushed with a light broom finish to minimize slippery conditions caused by rain or snow unless other finishes are desired.


  • Driveways are poured with DURA-CRETE® a 4500 PSI granite concrete mix.
  • Re-bar is placed 3′ x 3′ on center throughout the layout.
  • The driveway is prepped and graded to a 5″ thickness then compacted with a tamper.
  • All driveways are leveled with magnesium flouts broom finish for traction.
  • After the new driveway has set, saw cuts are strategically placed for crack control. 8′ on center or less.
  • Cold joints fitted with expansion material work as buffers between existing, set concrete and freshly poured concrete. For crack reduction due to movement of concrete driveways.
  • Curing compounds are sprayed on the same day as the driveway is poured.
  • Sealing with a tri silane penetrating sealer occurs 30 days after the driveway was poured.
  • DURA-CRETE® is warranted for 5 years from surface defects.


  • We warranty all Materials and Workmanship for a period of 1 year.
  • DURA-CRETE® projects are warranted for 5 years against surface defects such as rock pops and scaling.

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