Concrete Stamping & Coloring

Concrete Stamping & Coloring

Concrete stamping and coloring techniques allow you to create a wide range of textures and patterns in your concrete flat work. Enhance the approach to your home with a decorative pattern for your entrance walkway. Define your patio by putting a border at the perimeter in a contrasting texture and color. Greystone will work with you to identify the range of enhancement options available.

Stamping: the art of finishing the surface of concrete flat work with decorative patterns and textures.

  • Stamping can be used on just about any concrete flat work: sidewalks, patios, pool decks, steps, driveways and porches.
  • Stamping is also being used on interior floors to create attractive finishes.
  • Many different patterns and colors are available. Ask to see the Greystone design guide for illustrations.
  • For dramatic impact, consider using stamping and coloring simultaneously.

Coloring: the art of tinting concrete to achieve warm or cool tones.

  • Like stamping, coloring can also be used on all concrete flat work, including sidewalks, patios, pool decks, steps, driveways and porches.
  • Many colors are available. These are illustrated in color charts available from Greystone’s suppliers.
  • Custom colors can be mixed using the options available through the stock color palette.
  • Colors can be expected to wear without fading throughout the life of the concrete.

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