Concrete Driveways, Concrete Patios, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota

When you have a driveway to pour or a foundation to lay, weather and soil condition may pose serious challenges. Thank goodness selecting a masonry contractor isn’t another obstacle.

Greystone Masonry may not be able to control the weather, but they can reduce the impact Minnesota’s temperature fluctuations might have on your new concrete or foundation project. Greystone routinely takes the extra steps necessary to ensure a long life for your finished project.

Many of the metropolitan area’s premier home builders have come to expect these extras as standard procedure on a Greystone project. They’ve also come to expect jobs that are completed on time with a high degree of accuracy and craftsmanship.

Professional and private builders have also learned to rely on the advice of the Greystone team — a team with a reputation for innovation and Quality Guaranteed.

Greystone Masonry:

Anticipating the needs of Minnesota clients for over 25 years.


Greystone Masonry celebrates 25 years servicing the twin Cities area with its Concrete needs.